Some of the Assignments Completed:


* Draft Converged Bhutan Information, Communications and Media Regulations and Rules.

* Draft Bhutan Information, Communications and Media Act.

* Draft Mongolian Radio and Television Act.

* Telecommunications Regulatory Policy Reform for the Government of Jamaica.

* Draft Legislation Regulating Telecommunications and Establishing Independent Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Trinidad & Tobago.

* Draft New Telecommunications Policy and Regulatory Framework for St. Lucia.

* Draft New Regulatory Structure. For Telecommunication Regulatory System in Aruba.

* Draft Law Regulating Telecommunications in the Cayman Islands.

* Draft Regulatory Structure for Radio communications in the Caribbean Region.
* Forecast of Global Demand for Satellites.

* Current Status of Telecommunications and Marketing of Satellites and Related Equipment in South-East Asia.

* Some Legal Aspects of Commercialization of Telecommunications Satellites.


* Analysis of Satellite Supply Contract.

* Analysis of Spacecraft Insurance Agreement.

* Survey and Analysis of Global Sources of Satellite Remote Sensing Data Interpretation.

* Survey of the 1997 Data Related to the US Space Industry.

* The US Export Control Regime: The Case Communications Satellites.

* Legal Aspects of Access to and Property Rights in Outer Space.

* Survey of Microgravity Research Programmes and Experiments in China.

* Survey of Microgravity Research Programmes and Experiments in Russia.

* Overview of Innovative Concepts for the 21st Century Satellites.

* Report on the Clementine Project.

* Options for the Utilization of a Large Hall for Space Related Activities.

*  Space Policy Actors in Canada

*  Study on the Copyright on EO Data

*  Study on Organizational and Regulatory Framework for Space Debris Removal and On-Orbit Servicing of Satellites