In particular, we offer our services in the following areas:

* National licensing for telecommunications services and space activities.

* Assessment and design of regulatory policies and structures for telecommunications and space industries for traditional as well as emerging technologies for a specific country.

* Process and format of privatization, (de)regulation and globalization of telecommunications and broadcasting industries.

* Procurement of satellite slots and radio frequencies, including ITU co-ordinations.

* Procurement of satellite launch services.

* Procurement and marketing of telecom and space products and services.

* Negotiating and drafting of international business contracts, particularly relating to procurement of communication services and products, financing, transfer of technology, risk management, BOT operations, joint-ventures, and foreign investment.

* Business strategy, business plans and restructuring of commercial operations.

* Efficiency studies and total quality management (TQM) certification.

* Development of computer software for numerous applications and design of websites for all sorts of enterprises.